Porting SynBioWave to Googles APIv2

As Google has introduced its new APIv2 and is going to break backwards compatibility to version 1 soon, we are working hard to port SynBioWave to the new API.

We have rewritten most of the code of the SynBioWave-Robot, and we were able to implement several major improvements using new possibilities of the APIv2:

  • Menu-events now trigger callback-functions, which further simplifies robot-programming and results in much cleaner code
  • As the state of a gadget can now be updated without reloading the gadget completely every time, we are using this feature to provide a “smoother” menu
  • We use the new “Active API” to improve upload integration

Due to the ongoing work, some features might by temporarily out of order. At present, all features described for APIv1 should work again.

Finally, we are currently writing a detailed guide for SynBioWave-Robot programming and will post it on this site.

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